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Other Families in the Studdah Herd

There are many other developing families in the Studdah Herd. Featured below are photographs and details of some of the specific cows from the families; Snowdrift, Rose, Reward and Oprah. Other prominent families which have been successful in establishing the herd we have today are listed.

Studdah Lheros Anna

Studdah Lheros Anna EX94-3E
Sire Comestar Lheros
8th gen VG or EX

Anna's were 1st Produce of Dam and Interbreed Champion Pair Great Yorkshire Show 2011

5th lact 11,869kg at 4.18% fat and 3.23% protein

She's bred an EX90 Sterling and a VG86 Seaver, the Sterling has a VG85 Mardi Gras daughter, and the Seaver gave over 9000kg in her 1st and has 2017 daughters by Denim and Cyprus

Studah Bambam Anna

Dam of VG85 Talent, VG87 Buckeye, VG89 Shottle and EX92 Windbrook,
2016 born Mogul,
Next generation on the ground by Adorable and Bradnick

Studdah Bambam Anna EX94-4E
Sire Braedale Bambam
Completes 8 gens VG or EX

6th lact 305 days 10,898kg at 4.09% fat and 2.83% prot
1st Junior Cow and Interbreed Champion North Yorkshire and Wensleydale Shows 2011
2nd Hfr on Inspection North East 2010
1st Futurity Class North East 2010
Lheros sister now EX94-3E 3rd calver (pictured above)

Her dam is Carnhill Derry Anna EX91-2E who was purchased at the Black and White sale

Dalesend Loren Rosina

Dalesend Loren Rosina EX94-7E
Sire Lystel Lorenzo
Daughters by Braedale Bambam VG88 and Talent (Red) EX92-2E
8th Generation VG/EX
10th lactation 10,788kg at 5.16% fat and 3.06% prot

She now has great grand daughters, such as Studdah O
Kalif Rosina born 2016

Studdah R J Rose

Studdah R J Rose EX94-4E
Sire Roylane Jordan
EX daughter by New-World Empire, VG87 daughter by Buckeye
2nd NEABDCS 2009
5th Generation VG/EX
5th lactation 305 days 13,670kg at 4.22% and 3.11% prot

Our latest Rose family members are by Silver and Numero Uno

Studdah Startit Reward

Studdah Startit Reward VG88
Sire Diutacio Storm Startit
VG86 Mr Sam and EX90 Talent daughters
7th Generation VG/EX

1st lactation 305d, 10,152kg
1st Prize Calf North Yorkshire Show
1st North East Calf Show 2006
8th National Calf Show 2006
1st Stokesley Show
1st Heifer in Milk North East & Yorkshire Holstein Club & Yorkshire Milk Records 2008

Studdah Integrity Snowdrift

Studdah Integrity Snowdrift EX94-3E
Sire Robthom Integrity
2nd Generation EX

4th lactation 11,524kg, 3.78% fat & 3.28% prot
1st Junior Cow & Champion Wensleydale Show 2008
Champion North Yorkshire & Wensleydale 2009
Champion Cow North East and Yorkshire Holstein Club Herd's Competitions 2009
Interbreed Champion 2010 Wensleydale Show

2010 daughter by Dolman, 2011 son by Fever

Tarnbrook Rose 42

Tarnbrook Rose 42 EX93(5)
Sire Maughlin Storm
Dam of Tarnbrook Rose 51 EX94(5)
VG85 daughter by Studdah Stardom VG85
6th Generation VG/EX
8th lactation 10,995kg at 4.31% fat and 2.88% protein

Threelimes Champion Oprah

Threelimes Champion Oprah VG87
Sire Calbrett-I H H Champion
VG87 daughters by Hanoverhill Starbuck & Braedale Bambam
3rd lactation 305 15,029kg at 4.55% and 3.27%
5th Generation VG/EX



Our other prominent families in 2018 include:


Studdah MVP Rita VG86
Lonely Studdah Explode Lonely VG86
Ethel Studdah Windbrook Ethel VG87
Lucy Studdah Saloon Lucy VG85
Periwinkle Studdah Bookman Periwinkle VG88
Tulip Studdah Miami Tulip EX91-2E
Raven Studdah Sid Raven 2 EX93-2E
Empress Studdah Fever Empress EX90
Hetty Studdah Seaver Hetty VG85
Maude Studdah Seaver Maude VG89
Jazz Studdah Absolute Jazz VG87
Peach Studdah Adventure Peach EX91
Pansy Studdah Silver Pansy

And our Jersey girls - owned with Stuart Clapham:-

We purchased:-
Potterswalls Glamours Pride EX94-4E

Dam - Potterswalls Paramount Glamour EX96-5E
Sire- Potterswalls Belles Pride

Bred from 5 Gens EX
Read more about the family HERE

2011 - 1st Prize in calf heifer & Hon Mention Wensleydale show 2011, 1st Prize in calf heifer & Res Champion Stokesley Show 2011

Her best lact was her 4th when she did 7181kg at 7.71% fat and 3.91% protein

Her eldest daughter is Studdah Endeavour GG Glamour EX90 and we have a VG86 daughter by On Time from her making her Tequila daughter a potential 9th gen VG or EX from this great family.

Studdah Endeavour GG Glamour
Studdah Endeavour GG Glamour EX90

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